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SAKURA ST is a cherry blossom skin care brand developed by Sei Art Co., Ltd., aiming for a new generation of skin care with a consistent concept of high quality, safety, security and effective manufacturing.


The aim is

In trouble

Beautiful skin that is not defeated.

SAKURA ST's saccharification care series, which was developed with a prescription for Asian skin, was born from a passion for pursuing beauty, and realizes aging care by saccharification by luxuriously blending two types of cherry extract unique to Japan. .. Protects the beauty of the skin of women who are active in modern society.


Speaking of the components that make up the human body, it is protein. Glycation is the binding of this protein to sugar due to aging and hyperglycemic conditions. As a result, AGEs (advanced glycation end products) are produced, which accelerates the aging of the body. Our skin has proteins such as collagen and elastin that form the basis of the skin and keep it firm. When saccharification occurs, it becomes difficult to make new collagen and elastin, and the quality of the foundation of the skin deteriorates.

What is saccharification?


Nanotechnology is the most advanced science and technology in the size of nanometers. Nano is a unit of one billionth of a meter. SAKURA ST has created skin care that is effective for making beautiful skin by making the ingredients finer by using the latest technology nanotechnology. It feels smooth and smooth on the surface of the skin, and quickly penetrates into the dermis of the skin, so it keeps the moisture in the skin firmly.



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